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OS/2 Compatible Hardware

This page is under development at this time. Please feel free to enter your email address in the URLWatch form below and we will automatically notify you when this page changes.

We are in the process of compiling a list of the following:

  1. OS/2 compatible hardware and drivers
    • Motherboards and CPU's
    • Video monitors, cards, and drivers
    • Audio speakers, microphones and other multimedia items
    • Hard drives, CD-Rom drives, floppy drives, backup drives, and mass storage devices
    • Adaptor cards, SCSI controllers, and other such items
    • Digital cameras and other video devices
    • Printers and printer drivers
    • Laptops, notebooks, and Personal Information Management (PIM) devices
    • Complete systems preinstalled with OS/2
    • Other? - https://florafox.com/ru/chyeryepo...

  2. Web sites focusing on installing and using any of the above items under OS/2

If you have a link that belongs in this section, please drop a note in our -- give us the URL, category, and a brief description (one to two sentences).

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