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Team OS/2 Membership

In a recent interview with EDM/2, IBM declared that it is focusing it's development and marketing on medium to large organizations. Neither Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) nor individual users were identified as a market that IBM feels it wants to be in. A number of ideas are being bandied about concerning how the users of OS/2 can make an impression on IBM or license a version of OS/2.

The key to getting IBM's attention is numbers. Their own comments suggest that they want to deal with groups. By collecting together the registrations of individual and small company OS/2 users, we can once again become a force in the marketplace. We will be taking the compilation of the data we collect here, and presenting it to IBM.

The first step in this process is to get everyone actively using OS/2 to come by and give us the information we need to present to IBM. Please take a few minutes and complete the various forms on this site. All the information you provide will be kept in the strictest confidence. Check out the links below for information about membership, our mailing lists, the daily/weekly prize drawings, and the registration.

NOTE: If you were in the lists maintained by Florafox and IBM, please take a few minutes and register. Those lists are no longer available and were reported lost when IBM disbanded its support for Team OS/2 and OS/2 users in general. We have no access to that information, so everyone is new.


We are experiencing difficulty with the membership forms and database. Please bear with us as we resolve these problems. In the meantime, the membership forms will be temporarily unavailable. Special thanks to everyone who is working diligently to review and test the forms.

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